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This is the page for music project releases, past and present, that are not Cookie Delicious.

m​æ​lstrom: metempsychosis by Joel Klaverkamp

A Tribute to Transistor Sound & Lighting Co. by Merin

Merin by Merin

Yopeckummah by Yopeckummah

Hollow Body by Robojom

Get Out Of Jail Free by Joel Klaverkamp

Coral Island by Merin

Libretto by Joel Klaverkamp

Perfection Salad by À La Mode

Music For Dance by Beefdonut

Incoming Instructions by Cyclist

We Were Here by Joel Klaverkamp

Famous For Quality by Beefdonut

Waiting On The Moon by Drums and Wires

Arrivals and Departures by Joel Klaverkamp

In Sight Of by Joel Klaverkamp

Songs & Psalms for Singing by Ladies of Hope

Ordinary Acts by Joel Klaverkamp

Drums and Wires by Drums and Wires

Triple Back Flip Into The Splits by Beefdonut

Fire Escapes by Fire Escapes

Modern Entrance by The Hummers

Save The Jets by The Hummers

Hlusta by The Hummers

Listen/Caywan by The Hummers by Mood Ruff

Chinese Symbol by The Hummers

Year of the Record Break by Greg Macpherson

Écoute by The Hummers

Warrior Princess Redux by Beefdonut

Pluto Uranus Mars The Earth by Skingerbreadman