Waiting On The Moon by Drums and Wires

Released on Jun 6th, 2013.

About this Release:

"It's hypnotic creamsicle music to make your eyes roll back and your legs spin around. It's lyrically minimalist and loop driven."

Recorded in 2009, I worked on mixing this mostly in London. I waited on Mark Penner to send me guitar parts for a long time but finally I realized he was too busy for that, so I played the guitar on this record and tried to remember and figure out exactly what Mark played because his parts were so choice.

After I got back in 2012 I recorded Matt's percussion parts and finally finished up and released it! It was 2 years posthumous but I couldn't let it not be released. Still really mostly love this one, but not super into my performance on the first track. Favourite track would be The Plan


  • Jason Banman - Drums
  • Matthew Lawrence - Percussion
  • Mark Penner - Guitar
  • Joel Klaverkamp - Bass, Synth, Guitar, Vocals