An active member of the Winnipeg music and dance community since 1989, I am a prolific and accomplished multi instrumentalist, composer and producer who always has a list of musical projects on the go. An award winning soundtrack composer, I also enjoy scoring contemporary dance, film and television.

I used to use the name Beefdonut for my solo work but just before the pandemic hit I decided to change it to Cookie Delicious to reflect a new focus on a new sound and a steady output. Beefdonut was a multi genre project that began back in the mid 90s and hit it's stride in 2014 as a 4 piece indie rock band.

I have literally kept myself busy with bands since 1989! I won't try to list them all here but most recently and currently I am playing drums in Merin, a 4 piece indie rock band and have switched from drums to bass in Robojom, where performance art and modern dance meet post punk and new wave in robot costumes. I am also excitedly learning how to DJ in all the danceable music styles.