Hollow Body by Robojom

Released on Jan 11th, 2020.

About this Release:

Around 2014 I had a vision for a dark marriage between dance and post punk that had elements of music generating software. I wanted to write a piece of software that would be able to detect tempo and key and start playing along with what it heard. I spent quite a while on this software and even released it as an Android app.

Renée Vandale and I joined forces and have been going through iterations of this band and blowing people's minds ever since. We did manage to put together a full length album in one of our 6 piece forms. I spent way too many hours obsessing on this mix and master and yes, it does contain music generated by the software!


  • Joel Klaverkamp - Drums
  • Nicole Froese - Bass
  • Alexis Flower - Guitar
  • Matthew Lawrence - Percussion
  • Jenna Waldner - Synth
  • Renée Vandale - Vocals