A Tribute to Transistor Sound & Lighting Co. by Merin

Released on Dec 1st, 2023.

About this Release:

at the very last minute, when some other unknown Winnipeg music group bailed, Merin answered the MerinPhone and whipped out a cover of the most popular by far Transistor Sound & Lighting Co. song "Anyways Mayonnaise".

As a good friend of Jay Churko, this felt like an extra special honour to me. I recorded and mixed this sucker entirely myself in a very short timeframe and am very happy with the song! Plus, to me, this song marked the most fitting end to the mighty Merin. May we RIP.


  • Joel Klaverkamp - Drums, Bass
  • Kathryn Kerr - Vocals
  • Cole Neudstaedter - Guitar, Vocals