Drums and Wires by Drums and Wires

Released on Jan 20th, 2009.

About this Release:

Drums and wires happened for a couple of years post hummers and before I moved to London UK. It was the rhythm section of The Hummers (Me, Jason, and Matt) plus Mark Penner from Moses Mayes (currently Cyclist).

I used Abelton Live and live looped bass parts and synth parts and we would write songs on the spot together. It was very creative and fun and I loved it, I think it sounded great. I recorded and produced both Drums and Wires records.

It was the first band I played laptops and synth and sang lead vocals in. Mark had connected his echoplex to my audio interface so he could loop guitar parts in sync.

For our live shows, often Meghan Athavale would project crazy cool animations and video loops over top of us while we played. Meghan made the music video on this page, and designed the album artwork.


  • Jason Banman - Drums
  • Matthew Lawrence - Percussion
  • Joel Klaverkamp - Bass, Synth and Vocals
  • Mark Penner - Guitar