Perfection Salad by À La Mode

Released on Sep 29th, 2016.

About this Release:

Domo is an absolute legend. One of the luckiest things that has happened to me is meeting Domo. I played a house show solo as Beefdonut at their house back in 2013 I think. Then they saw a dance show that I did the score for and we got talking about music every time I would bump into them around town.

One Robojom show, our keyboard player Diana had to cancel last minute so I asked Domo if they'd sub. They said yes and at the end of the night, they'd asked me to play drums for their band. They had a gig at real love summer fest, back when it was at the race track, and needed a drummer. Of course I said yes and the rest is history.

Through playing drums with À La Mode I met so many wonderful people who I have collaborated with often, including Cole and Jordan from Merin. This is still a solid album with great production, it really holds up.

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  • Dominique Lemoine - Vocals and Synth
  • Andy Cole - Guitar
  • Alexis Flower - Bass
  • Nicole Froese - Synth and Vocals
  • Joel Klaverkamp - Drums
  • Kayla Drudge - Violin on Never Sleep Again