Songs & Psalms for Singing by Ladies of Hope

Released on Jan 24th, 2012.

About this Release:

My mother taught me music from a very early age. I started with piano lessons from her at 5, but didn't really get very far. When I was 13 I felt called to music and she let me play her guitar and I began to teach myself guitar. She then showed me 3 chords and left me alone with it again. Eventually she would buy me my own guitar. I played in her church band as a kid, played the bass. Anyways, all of this is to say, I would not have started making music without my mom helping me.

So when the idea came up to record her church group performing her songs I was all in. She asked me to add any backing music and made sure to let me know she wanted me to do it the way I wanted to. What ended up happening sounds pretty sureal. I like it a lot, these songs are all ingrained in my sub conscious. I spent so many hours hearing them and playing them on Sundays as a kid. And my mom wrote them all.


  • Judith Klaverkamp - Keyboards, Organ and Vocals
  • Joel Klaverkamp - Drums, Bass, Guitar