Fox in Golden Armour by Cookie Delicious

Released on Mar 18th, 2023.

About this Release:

Hook-laden experimental dance rock, Fox in Golden Armour is the debut full length of Cookie Delicious and represents well the "full band" sound. The album is a return to the "hypnotic creamsicle" sound of Drums and Wires. The heavy synth tones over gritty bass loops with live drums, percussion, and minimalist and cryptic lyrics. It is both vocally tender and filled with beefy beats and finely crafted, compelling, and emotionally resonant music.

Recorded and mixed both at home and at No Fun Club with Riley Hill.

Album Artwork by Avena Starr


  • Domo Lemoine - Backing Vocals
  • Matthew Lawrence - Percussion
  • Jimmy Shand - Drums
  • Ava Wray - Guitar solo on Help Me
  • Joel Klaverkamp - Everything Else