Forget It by Cookie Delicious

Released on Dec 5th, 2022.

About this Release:

I finally have my set up dialed in. I have my boss rc 600 looper set up so that each channel is routed to a mixer that I send to my speakers and amps and each channel also has a DI box out to my interface and into my DAW so that I can record my jams live, but with each channel separated. I can then rebuild the song by looping certain tracks and keep the solos and do overdubs and effects and mixing etc, etc.

This is the first of many releases to follow! I'm very excited that it's "Forget It", the fist live looping jam recorded this way and a super hooky "song every week" collaboration I did with my wonderful and talented bestie Ava called "Jova One"

Ava Wray is hands down the hardest working and most shredtacular guitarist in Winnipeg. Having just released 2 albums ( check out Bicycle Face and Claire Thérèse and The Lockdown ) in the last month alone, and soon to be releasing new material with À La Mode, I feel extremely lucky that she's collaborated so much with me! ( She also plays on 2 of the 2 albums I am currently working on :D we are literal besties and you all are jelly )


  • Joel Klaverkamp - Everything
  • Ava Wray - Guitar, Vocals on Jova One