Collaborations by Cookie Delicious

Released on Mar 1st, 2024.

About this Release:

Out on March 1st, “Collaborations” features 7 tracks of music by Cookie Delicious with lyrics and vocals from pals in the Winnipeg music community. It was born out of Song Every Week workshops hosted online by Natalie Bohrn throughout ye olde pandy.

The second full length from Cookie Delicious showcases Joel at what he does best, collaborating with pals. The sound is a mesmerising and flowing river of groove machine where the catchiness is legit scary. Every jam is jelly tight with an energy that's nothing short of spellbinding.

For this project, the music was completed fully and then handed off to specially selected friends in the local Winnipeg music scene to write lyrics and create and record vocals for.


  • Domo Lemoine - Lyrics and Vocals
  • Natalie Bohrn - Lyrics and Vocals
  • Greg MacPherson - Lyrics and Vocals
  • Renée Vandale - Lyrics and Vocals
  • Courtney Fox - Lyrics and Vocals
  • Ava Wray - Guitar and Synth on Sayulita
  • Joel Klaverkamp - Everything Else